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About HM


photography is not just a work of art, it provides a unique way to capture those important events in our lives

I can describe my journey into the world of photography as magical ! So many years ago, as a small, curious boy, my dad handed a camera to me to keep my curiousity at bay & to occupy my wandering mind during a family event. I eagerly took the camera from him & started to click away. From that day onwards, I was literally hooked on photography & my passion grew immensely & today, I'm still as passionate or even moreso from the day that I took my first  portrait. You could well imagine that I was the delegated, official family photographer at the upcoming family events & I must say that that decision paid off as it allowed me the opportunity to hone my photography skills from such a tender age & I enjoyed feeling the camera in my hands & creating beautiful portraits of my family.  Twenty years later, that passion & love for photography are still very much alive & are demonstrated in my work. I can safely say that  - the joy, the love and the memories. Through my eye and camera lens these memories are preserved for your children and grandchildren to see.  Since I like challenges & to learn new things,  I have also included videography which I started a few years ago with digital cameras.
I offer diverse services to meet everyone's needs on the beautiful island of Barbados which is located in the idyllic Caribbean. So whether you're a tourist visiting Barbados or a Bajan & you would like to capture your special moments, I aim  to capture those moments in  a discrete and non-intrusive style. I create compelling images of your marriage on the island. I  specialise  in Barbadian Destination weddings for couples coming or returning to Barbados to get married.  These images are captured against gorgeous backdrops at hotels, in the lush gardens,  at the beautiful sandy beaches & at historical churches found on the island.  I have happy couples in England, Canada, Hawaii, Greece, Scandinavia, Italy, India, Tobago, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and the United States of America  who have done just that.  I am also a fluent German speaker (Deutsch gesprochen). My services are not limited to Wedding Portraits, but include fun shots, entertainment packages, family portraits, commercial work for businesses, public & private events (Government, Sport).      

I ensure that not only will your special moments be captured in a professional manner by a professional photographer who was trained in Europe & worked extensively in Europe & in the Caribbean, but these moments are captured in a relaxed & fun atmosphere as I aim to make your experience with  HM Photography/Videography Barbados an unforgettable one.